The future of this weblog and podcasting about Erlang

The last writing on this blog is almost six years of age. Since then I often visited it myself with an idea about what to write and how to write it. But I never came to turns with myself. Is this a tech blog? Is this a weblog about myself, my ideas? Or is it merely a collection of thoughts thrown out into the wides of the Internet?

I took some sideways myself and ended up where I was just about six years ago: writing software for money and pleasure; thinking about (programming) languages, and nurturing my inner nerd.

My journey continues and it fascinates me, watching the road as it moves under my feet. And that is exactly what this blog will be about: My ideas and thoughts and things that interest me for a moment.

And it will be in English for the time being, since English is more and more my main language to communicate in.

Two weeks ago I was guest at the Cofinpro-Podcast (German). We talked about Erlang and Elixir and the things surrounding concurrency and functional programming.


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